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GFMER picture of the week - Images 2013

Clickable thumbnails linking to the corresponding picture of the week

Raising awareness about Antenatal Care (Reproduction Health) in Umruoba, Sudan - Sawsan Mustafa Abdalla Pulse polio immunization in the outskirts of Shopian, Kashmir Province, India - Syed Manzoor Kadri Implanon insertion at the Beyeda Health Center in Ethiopia - Tatek Abate

Carlota’s Masters Ceremony in Parma University, Italy - Maria Carlota Ngombe Victor Mentoring students in Community Health nursing, Sudan - Waled Amen Mohammed Immunization of mother and child among the Bodo tribes in India - Pallabi Borpatragohain

Clean and safe water for a healthy life in Uganda - Morris Okwir Twenty-six humanitarian missionaries on the road to Timbuktu, North of Mali - Abou Diallo Umbilical hernia during pregnancy in a young multiparous woman in Mozambique - Manuel Napúa

Workshop on research protocol development organized by GFMER and WHO - Ling-Yen (Elizabeth) Pan Preventing disease, preventing conflict across the Kenya-Ethiopia border - Ameyo Bonventure Masakhwe Dr. Gregory Edie Halle-Ekane recently appointed Vice Dean in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea, Cameroon