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Emergency and Surgical Care in Universal Health Coverage

Online Certificate Course

Before, during or after completion of the entire course modules you have an option to Upgrade Your Entire Course (97 USD total) with the following benefits:

  • Certificate signed by the GFMER CEO and Program Director.
  • Global Discussion Forum on topics related to the module: Questions and topics are proposed by moderators and experts on an ongoing basis to generate discussions among course participants from various countries. (Your participation in the above online activities help us to address and share knowledge on public health challenges and research relevant to this course through improvement and research publications without using your personal identity).
  • Knowledge evaluation with a short MCQ test. (It is mandatory to get a minimum pass score of 75% to receive the certificate. The MCQ test can be repeated as many times until you have scored 75% score).
  • Short Assignment (approximately 150 words) Assignment Question: Summarize in few words (approximately 150 words) on how the knowledge/skills you have gained in this course applies in your current or future projects, in the context of your country or other low and middle-income countries.

Payment instructions

Make your online payment mentioning "surgical care" to the following bank account and upload a proof of payment in PDF while registering for the Certificate Course.

Mention "surgical care"
Geneva Foundation M.E.R
p.a Fiduciare FIDAG SA
place Edouard-Claparède 51205 Genève
IBAN CH30 8018 7000 0217 7704 4
Bank of Beneficiary Banque Raiffeisen du Salève société coopérative
Case postale 160
1255 Veyrier
No. CB 80187
Bank of Intermediary Raiffeisen Suisse Société coopérative
Case postale
9001 Saint-Gall
Amount for the entire course 97 USD

After the payment, you can register for the Certificate course here with your Gmail account. Please upload a PDF of your proof of payment while filling the form.