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Cancer in Global Health/Emergency and Surgical Care

The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER) Global Health New Challenges Online Courses creates awareness on global public health issues and promote education through highlighting key messages from evidence-based publications specifically World Health Organization (WHO) for an easy understanding of the impact of the global burden of diseases and polices addressing them. In collaboration with experts from academia, WHO and International Scientific Organisations, several online public health courses were developed in various global health topics: Emergency and Surgical Care in Universal Health Coverage; GFMER collation of specific WHO online courses on COVID-19; Cancer in the context of Universal Health Coverage.

These courses provide health professionals with knowledge and skills to address challenges with evidence-based solutions to global health issues towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Cancer in the context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) course 2021: Overview

A free online public health course module (approximately 60 minutes in English) to study at your own pace with no time restriction and no fee. It provides evidence-based knowledge and experiences from the field for decision-making to engage and prioritise policy issues at all levels of healthcare on cancer in the context of UHC.

REGISTER FOR FREE to continue with the course with your Gmail account.

If you wish to obtain a certificate after completing the course, please complete an online 3 min quiz and a short 6 min assignment (link provided in the course slides).

Eligible candidates are health professionals, project planners and managers, students (medical, nursing, allied health sciences, public health), and anyone interested in public health.

Cancer in the context of UHC: Syllabus

Registration is free but mandatory to access the course which contains 3 sub-modules:

  • Module 1: Global burden of cancer.
  • Module 2: Integrated cancer care.
  • Module 3: UHC policies for cancer.

Cancer in the context of UHC: Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you will gain knowledge on:

  • Public health implications of the unmet need for access to safe and quality cancer care.
  • Public health solutions to strengthen cancer management with multidisciplinary approach at all levels of healthcare.
  • Policies for an integrated people-centred cancer care including strengthening surgical systems towards achieving UHC.

Cancer in the context of UHC: Teaching-learning methods and course validation

  • A set of Power Point Presentation slides with evidence-based text and videos
  • Summary points at the end of module.
  • Reference links to published documents at the end of each slide.
  • Short online assignment about the applicability of the course in current or future projects.
  • Short quiz, before and after the course.
  • Certificate provided after completion of the course, a short assignment and quiz.


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