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Emergency and Surgical Care

Murchana Roychoudhury

Emergency and Surgical Care Team

Murchana Roychoudhury

Murchana Roychoudhury is a postgraduate student of International Development at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. She had earlier completed her undergraduate studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India. She is currently trying to integrate her interests in public health, gender and social policy by pursuing global health through academia and professional experiences. She wrote her Bachelor’s thesis on the ‘Digital Trade of Organs in India’ and is currently doing a policy analysis of ‘Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries’ for her Master’s thesis.

Murchana’s interest in conducting inter-disciplinary qualitative research has led her to write and publish papers on topics beyond global health like environmental displacement and shadow education. She has worked with organisations like UNDP and the Alliance for Health Promotion. She is assisting in the creation of web page contents, promotion and maintenance of the GFMER’s online public health training course on Emergency and Surgical Care in Universal Health Coverage.