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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2012 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Tatek Abate

Department of Midwifery, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Tatek Abate

Tatek Abate, BSc in Midwifery, MPhil in Reproductive Health
Lecturer at University of Gondar Department of Midwifery, Ethiopia
Head, Medical and Health Sciences Educational Development Center

I am Midwifery Nurse by profession and have also Masters of philosophy Degree in Reproductive Health. I have been teaching various courses for medical, midwifery, Nursing and other health science students in the class room during clinical practice and rural field practices program for the last 8 years.

I obtained a large number of training on HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Infection prevention, and Maternal and child health care but I feel still I have remained with more things to learn regarding RH issues, because my intention is to produce innovative projects and researches which will not be limited in my country if possible they will be transferable to the globe especially for countries like Ethiopia.