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Topic, links to other documents WHO document Year
Barrier contraceptive methods Male latex condom: specification, prequalification and guidelines for procurement, 2010 2010
Barrier contraceptive methods Scientific and technical requirements to formulate a female condom generic specification and prequalification scheme: Female condom technical review committee report 2012
Barrier contraceptive methods The female condom: a guide for planning and programming 2000
Contraceptive implants Subdermal implantable contraceptives versus other forms of reversible contraceptives or other implants as effective methods of preventing pregnancy 2008
Family planning services A guide to family planning for community health workers and their clients 2012
Family planning services Decision-making tool for family planning clients & providers 2005
Family planning services Universal access to reproductive health: Accelerated actions to enhance progress on Millennium through advancing Target 5B 2011
Family planning, contraception Family planning - a global handbook for providers 2007
Family planning, contraception Family planning: a global handbook for providers: 2011 update: evidence-based guidance developed through worldwide collaboration 2011
Family planning, contraception Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use - Fourth edition, 2009 2010
Family planning, contraception Report of a technical consultation on birth spacing 2006
Family planning, contraception The effects of contraception on obstetric outcomes 2004
Family planning, contraception WHO medical eligibility criteria wheel for contraceptive use - 2008 update 2009
Female sterilization, tubal ligation Minilaparotomy and endoscopic techniques for tubal sterilization 2009
Female sterilization, tubal ligation Techniques for the interruption of tubal patency for female sterilization 2003
Hormonal contraception Immediate start of hormonal contraceptives for contraception 2009
Hormonal contraception Strategies to improve adherence and acceptability of hormonal methods for contraception 2011
Hormonal contraception Treatment of vaginal bleeding irregularities induced by progestin-only contraceptives 2007
Hormonal contraception Technical Consultation on the effects of hormonal contraception on bone health 2007
Injectable contraceptives Depot-medroxyprogesterone versus norethisterone enantate for long-acting progestogenic contraception 2006
Intrauterine device (IUD) Antibiotic prophylaxis for intrauterine contraceptive device insertion 2002
Intrauterine device (IUD) Copper-containing, framed intrauterine devices for contraception 2006
Intrauterine device (IUD) The TCu380A intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD): sprecification, prequalification and guidelines for procurement, 2010 2011
Oral contraceptives Monophasic versus multiphasic oral contraceptives 2009
Oral contraceptives Progestogens in combined oral contraceptives for contraception 2006
Oral contraceptives Carcinogenicity of combined hormonal contraceptives and combined menopausal treatment 2005
Postcoital contraceptives Fact sheet on the safety of levonorgestrel-alone emergency contraceptive pills (LNG ECPs) 2010
Postpartum and postabortion contraception Combined hormonal versus nonhormonal versus progestin-only contraception in lactation 2009
Postpartum and postabortion contraception Immediate postabortion insertion of intrauterine devices 2005
Postpartum and postabortion contraception Immediate postpartum insertion for intrauterine devices 2010
Postpartum and postabortion contraception Combined hormonal contraceptive use during the postpartum period: 26 January 2010, Geneva, Switzerland: statement 2010
Postpartum and postabortion contraception Technical consultation on hormonal contraceptive use during lactation and effects on the newborn : summary report, Geneva, Switzerland, 22 October 2008 2010
Vasectomy, vasectomy reversal Scalpel versus no-scalpel incision for vasectomy 2009
Vasectomy, vasectomy reversal Vasectomy occlusion techniques for male sterilization 2008