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COVID-19 Global Medical Summit, La Paz, Bolivia

Carlos Encinas - GFMER Coordinator for Bolivia


COVID-19 Global Medical Summit, La Paz, Bolivia - Carlos Encinas

On the 29th of March, the COVID-19 Global Medical Summit has gathered specialists in infectious diseases, virologists, clinical scientists, epidemiologists, Ob/Gyn from across the World to discuss the various testing methods for COVID-29, whether testing for infection or immunity, many of these assays have proven advantages and limitations. A systematic and step-wise approach must be implemented from outpatient primary care to specialty hospital networks. One of the major topics of discussion has been the strategies to incorporate large testing capabilities in the field of reproductive medicine. GFMER country representative from Bolivia Carlos Encinas has been collaborating with this initiative and joined forces with Latin American public and private organizations in order to establish guidelines on how to resume assisted reproduction treatments. Both clinical and laboratory protocols must be carefully reviewed and implemented according to each individual setting, the ultimate objective is common i.e. protect patients, medical staff and the community.