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Homa Kabiri - GFMER Coordinator for Afghanistan

Meeting with the course participants in Afghanistan

Dr. Homa Kabiri, GFMER coordinator for Afghanistan

A meeting was organized between Dr. Homa Kabiri and the 2012 participants of the course.

Date: 21 November 2012.

Place: The Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan.


  • Dr. Homa Akseer
  • Dr. Amina Hashimi
  • Dr. Shekib Arab
  • Dr. Afifa Qayomi
  • Dr. Zainulla Wakil
  • Dr. Rukhshana Safi
  • Dr. Zarlasht Obaid
  • Dr. Lailoma Farzin
  • Dr. Naila Ghazi
  • Dr. Naziha Ahmadi


  • General remarks by Dr. Homa Kabiri on assignments.
  • Choice of topics by participants for their final research projects.


Kabul 2012 Kabul 2012 Kabul 2012

Kabul 2012 Kabul 2012 Kabul 2012