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AI tools

Tool Features
AcademicGPT Academic writing assistant
AgentGPT AI agent
AI Agent AI agent
AI Checker Tool AI content detector
Aichatting Article writer
AIDetectorX AI content detector
Ask AI Questions General questions
Ask Writer Article writer
ASReview Systematic reviews
Bard General questions
Bing Chat General questions
BrainyPdf Interaction with a PDF file
Browse AI Data extraction
ChatGPT General questions
ChatPDF Interaction with a PDF file
Chord Article writer
Comprehensive Literature Review Generator Literature reviews
Connected Papers Connected papers
Consensus Research questions, references, synthesis
ContentBot Article writer
ContentDetector.ai AI content detector
Copyleaks Plagiarism checker
Copyleaks AI Content Detector AI content detector
Dimensions AI Scientific literature search
Elicit Research questions, references, synthesis
Essaybot Writing assistant
EvidenceHunt Research questions, clinical evidence, PubMed, search query, PICO analysis
Explainpaper Interaction with a PDF file
Filtir Fact checker
Free Essay Generator Academic article writer
GPTZero AI content detector
Grammarly Writing assistant
Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism checker
Inciteful Connected papers
Jenni Academic writing assistant
Litmaps Connected papers
Lumina Research questions, references, synthesis
MachineTranslation.com Translation
Magic Write Article writer
MediSearch Medical questions
Notion Article writer
OpenRead Interaction with a PDF file
PaperBrain Interaction with a PDF file
Paperpal Academic writing editor
PaperRater Writing assistant
PaperTalk.io Interaction with a PDF file
Perplexity General questions
Quetext Plagiarism checker
QuillBot Writing assistant
Rayyan Systematic reviews
ResearchBuddy Literature reviews
ResearchRabbit Connected papers
Resoomer Paper summarization
Rytr Article writer
SciSpace Research questions, references, synthesis
SciSpace Academic AI Detector AI content detector
SciSpace Literature Review Literature reviews
SciSummary Paper summarization
Scribbr Free AI Detector AI content detector
Semantic Scholar Scientific literature search
Simplified AI Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism checker
SolidPoint Paper summarization
Statpearls Semantic Search Medical questions
Summarize.tech Video summary
SummarizePaper Paper summarization
Textero.ai Academic article writer
Trinka Writing assistant
Upsidedown Paper summarization
Video Highlight Video transcription
Wizdom.ai Research trends
Wordtune Writing assistant
Write My Essay Article writer
Write Tone Writing assistant
Writer AI Content Detector AI content detector
Writefull X Academic writing assistant
Writesonic Article writer
Writier Writing assistant
ZeroGPTDetector AI content detector