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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Valerie Tucker

Ipas Sierra Leone Country Office, Free Town, Sierra Leone

Valerie Tucker

Valerie Tucker, BSc in Adult Nursing, Sexual Health / HIV Specialist Nurse
Head, Ipas Sierra Leone Country Office, Free Town, Sierra Leone

I hold a BSc. in Adult Nursing from City University in London, UK and I am now a Sexual Health and HIV Specialist Nurse with several years of experience. I currently head the Ipas Sierra Leone Country Office and a Senior Policy Advisor. Ipas is an international Non-Governmental Organization working on sexual and reproductive rights. In my previous job as the Director of a small NGO, I developed a passion for advocating on women’s sexual and Reproductive Health and rights; focusing on educating local communities about the importance of looking after one’s health with special emphasis on reproductive and sexual health as a vital aspect of a holistic Life. I support the empowerment of women and girls to live positively take control of their own lives and stay self-reliant. I believe that women have specific rights and those rights are often violated through a patriarchal society. I have a vision of a world where women take the lead to reclaim, understand and take ownership of their own bodies and sexuality.

As an activist, I endeavor to take a leading role in advocating for positive policy reform not only in Sierra Leone but in Africa at large. I believe in transformational leadership and have an eye for detail.