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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Sayed Amin Hamedi

Ministry of Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan

Sayed Amin Hamedi

Sayed Amin Hamedi, MD
Technical Consultant for PLD/Ministry of Public Health– MSH- Leadership Management and Governance Project, a USAID Funded Project for Health System Support in Afghanistan

Dr. Sayed Amin Hamedi is born on the 07th April 1974. He graduated from Herat University of Afghanistan in 2001 with MD, and Diploma in Leadership Development from Institute of Leadership Development, Morning Star Organization in Afghanistan in 2010. He has in his background the professional level working experience with Ministry of Public Health (TB Control Program, Provincial Health Liaison Directorate) as well as with other national and international NGOs (Jhpiego, URC.Co, MSH, CHA), from provincial level to regional and National level in Afghanistan and currently work in field of Leadership, Management and Governance as a technical consultant. He has the experience of teaching/facilitating the training courses in field of public health, leadership and Quality improvement.