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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Noimot Abisola Balogun

Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2), Nigeria

Noimot Abisola Balogun

Noimot Abisola Balogun, BDS, Msc Public health
Local Consultant, Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2)

Dr Balogun Noimot has some years of experience as a public health worker with particular focus in Reproductive health and community change through Health Education especially as it affects vulnerable populations and hard to reach communities which include Women, Children, youths and the socially marginalized communities. As a Local Technical Assistant to Partnership For Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2) In Lagos State, Noimot has had the privilege of understanding the need for Community efficacy through effective Community engagement and Public Health research whose direct impact will be felt in Grass root communities, and underserved populations. She has been practically involved in training and mentoring Ward Health Committee members in Ikorodu and Alimosho communities of Lagos State to gain ownership of their Primary health Centers, to develop skills that will enable them to involve community members in Decision making processes affecting their Health needs and priorities, and to also increase Access to the health facilities, and reaching the poor and hard to reach areas/population. As a public health personnel at Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC), she was a team member in Community based Key informants and Focus groups discussions on maternal deaths, and Reproductive rights in Markets, Local Governments and slum community. To improve social inclusion and discourage perceived marginalization, Dr Balogun is presently working with the leadership of an established Muslim society in Lagos State to develop a volunteer base for Muslim youths where they can be mentored in volunteerism and Community competence in health and community development and is now a member of the committee on Youth Education, and social development in the Society. As a trained personnel in Counseling and Testing, Sickle cell Genetic Counseling, Gender based Violence and Discrimination, Dr Balogun has been able to provide public health education and raise community awareness with the hope of improving Health indices and contributing to a Healthy and wealthy nation especially amongst the underserved and marginalized populations.

Noimot holds a BDS degree in Dentistry and an MSc Degree in Public Health from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos and has a certificate of accomplishment in Coursera’s Health for All through Primary Health Care.