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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Muluken Dessalegn Muluneh

Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Ethiopia

Muluken Dessalegn Muluneh

Muluken Dessalegn Muluneh, MPH (Public Health Methodology)
Project Manager, Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) Ethiopia

I am Muluken Dessalegn, an Ethiopian, born in 1985 on September 22 and grew in my home country. Professionally, I graduated at University of Brussels, in “Advanced Master in Public Health Methodology (AMPHM) in June 2013”, Master of Public health in Epidemiology at Addis Ababa University July 2009 and bachelor degree in Environmental Health at Hawassa University July 2006. I had an experience in working in Universities as lecturer, dean, vice dean, research and community service coordinator. Currently, I am working in an international NGO called Africa Medical & Research Foundation in Ethiopia as a project manager.

I have a great interest to know in-depth more about subjects in reproductive health; in addition the curiosity to acquire advanced knowledge and transferable skills that are very essential to work as a scientific researcher with a high level of analytical thinking and aptitude in the arena. My life ambition is to do scientific research. I believe that the quality of life can’t be improved with possession, but through contribution. In this context, attending a training course on sexual and reproductive health research will helps my effort to contribute to the academic and research area.