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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Metasebia Admassu Joffe

Free Lancer, SNNPR Ethiopia

Metasebia Admassu Joffe

Metasebia Admassu Joffe, BSc, MPH
Resource Person for EngenderHealth and Voluntary Coordinator for Midwives@ethiopia program, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Miss Metasebia Admassu was born on June/24/1985. She graduated from University of Gondar with Bachelors of Science in Public Health (2004-2006) and Graduated from Hawassa University with Masters of Public Health (2011-2013). She held a position of head of health center, Health Program Desk Coordinator, as Curative and Rehabilitative Core Process Coordinator while working for Government between October, 2006-December 2009 and she also held a position of program officer for an NGO based organization from April 15, 2010 to July 2013. Recently she worked as Research associate for Reach-Out project for 5 month.

In addition to the above position she worked for Southern Ethiopia GWENT health link for more than 4 years, as assistant link coordinator and consultant researcher for Anthrologica on January 2011.


  • Bedford J, Gandhi M, Admassu M, Girma A. ‘A normal delivery takes place at home’: a qualitative study of the location of childbirth in rural Ethiopia. Matern Child Health J. 2013 Feb;17(2):230–9.