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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Houssine el Rhilani

UNAIDS Morocco

Houssine el Rhilani

Houssine el Rhilani, MSc Information Technology Engineering, Business Administration, International Finances
Strategic Information Adviser, UNAIDS Morocco

I have 9 years experience with UNAIDS and I work actually as Strategic Information Adviser (Monitoring and Evaluation) UNAIDS/MOROCCO.

I have a wide experience in the HIV /AIDS Area. I worked with the Ministry of Health and HIV/AIDS NGO, NGO working in the area of reproductive health and the fight against sexually transmitted infections.

I have a experience in the conduct of bio- behavioral research among vulnerable populations (FSWs, MSM, UID , Migrants, youth, etc.).

I took several courses in the epidemiological surveillance field, operational research, monitoring and evaluation of health programs.

My background is in the field of information technology engineering (Master in Computer Science (Morocco), Business Administration and international finances (Canada)).

I participated in several publications in HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation areas.