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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Elisa Groff

Max Weber Kolleg, University of Erfurt, Germany

Elisa Groff

Elisa Groff, MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Anthropology, MA Religious and Cultural Studies
Research Assistant, Max Weber Kolleg, Advanced Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt, Germany
Clinical Research Attachment, Histopathology Department, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK

Elisa is co-investigator in few research projects investigating sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexpected infant death in childhood (SUDEC) at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and internationally. She is currently research assistant at the Max Weber Kolleg at the University of Erfurt. Elisa’s research is committed to the investigation of children’s rights violations, the reduction of child mortality and the improvement of maternal and infant health. Millenium Development Goals, particularly MDGs 4 and 5, are of paramount concern to her work. Her investigation does address issues of perinatal mortality and survival from an interdisciplinary perspective with implications for health care, family and policy planning. She has been investigating social perception of infants, death and funerary treatment in children across cultures and periods. Her research aims to understand the needs, social behaviours and concerns of diverse cultures in the context of newborn and maternal health.