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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Bukola Boluwade

Dayspring Royal Academy, Ibadan, Nigeria

Bukola Boluwade

Bukola Boluwade, Guidance and Counseling
Consultant Administrator, Dayspring Royal Academy, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

Boluwade is a graduate of Guidance and Counseling from University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria and a Master's student in Guidance and Counseling at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Bukola has more than fifteen years of professional experience as an administrator, counselor and teacher. In the last decade, she has helped in establishing several schools in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

Having known the connection between education and health, she has taken a number of public health related Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) so as to be better equipped for health and community services to humanity especially the teenagers and families in her community. Her passion for effective counseling is the motivation behind her search for relevant knowledge that will boost her performance and acquire health for all.

Boluwade has participated in various leadership and development programs. She is recognized as a freelance Guidance Counselor in her community, working gratuitously on many occasions especially with the indigent, less privileged and physically challenged children. She is a highly resourceful and dedicated educationist, always going to go the extra mile towards achieving set goals both personally and corporately. She is a highly dependable counselor with huge potentials to affect many on a global scale.