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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Anja Katharina Guttinger

Sandyford Glasgow, UK

Anja Katharina Guttinger

Anja Katharina Guttinger, MRCOG, MFSRH
Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare at Sandyford Glasgow, UK
Expert Member of West of Scotland Research Ethics Service

Anja obtained her medical degree from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany, and undertook her specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Edinburgh (NHS Lothian University Hospital, UK) and Perth, Western Australia. She obtained her sub-specialty training in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare at Dean Terrace Family Planning Clinic and at the Queen's Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh.

Anja has a longstanding interest in medical Gynaecology including colposcopy, ultrasound, complex contraception and forensic Gynaecology. Together with her colleague Dr Melvin she has established a dedicated reproductive endocrinology clinic and is the clinical lead for ultrasound and tubal patency testing.

Supporting the reproductive health needs of a diverse and difficult to reach population has been an overarching focus of all her clinical work.


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