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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Abdul Fahim Ahmady

Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan

Abdul Fahim Ahmady

Abdul Fahim Ahmady, MD
Expert of Quality Improvement in Health Care, Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan

Abdul Fahim Ahmady is a medical doctor, graduated from Kabul medical faculty in 1993. After graduation he worked in the field of curative medicine (clinics and hospitals) for 5 years. Since then he has been working in the field public health with national and international NGOs and the Ministry of Public Health for different technical and managerial positions, such as a PHC Supervisor, Training Coordinator, Health Program Manager, Hospital Technical Advisor, MNC Technical Improvement Consultant and Health Care Improvement Coordinator. Currently, he is working as a Health Care Improvement Consultant for the Ministry of Public Health.