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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2014 - List of participants

Abdu Adamu

Family Health International FHI360, Nigeria

Abdu Adamu

Abdu Adamu, MBBS
Technical Officer, Family Health International FHI360, Nigeria

I am an ardent believer in community empowerment as the key to sustainable development. And guided by this believe, I have been able to engage communities through dialogue in discussions relating child spacing, health seeking behaviors, role of men in preventing maternal death amongst several others. We can’t end poverty in Sub Saharan Africa if reproductive health is not made a top priority for individuals and communities.

My career in public health started over seven years ago when I was appointed the Project Director/President of a local youth organization called Masterpiece Health and Development Organization. I saw the horrors of diseases as it afflicts people in masses due to lack of knowledge, misconceptions, and poor health seeking behavior. I saw the direct consequences of maternal death as little children are forced to become adults in villages. I saw the deficiency in our health care system and it motivated me to dedicate my professional career in making them better.

During medical school and even as a medical doctor, I had the opportunity to facilitate in several workshops and trainings and also built the capacity of young people in various schools in my community on reproductive health and HIV. I have also participated in several radio and TV program.

I was awarded the Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health (LDM) Fellowship by the Institute of International Education, USA in recognition of my commitment to culturally responsive reproductive health initiatives.

I have special research interest in pattern of gender-based violence among people living with HIV, barriers to contraceptive use, and role of parents in communicating sexual and reproductive health messages to adolescent girls.

I am hopeful that the SRH-2014 will be a rewarding experience!