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Dedefo Teno Teshite

Ethiopia Public Health Association

Dedefo Teno Teshite

Dedefo Teno Teshite, Master in Public Health (MPH & BSc in Public Health Officer)
Member of The Ethiopia Public Health Association

Dedefo Teno has had more than 10 years of public health experience that involved working in both government and Non-governmental organizations with different positions. My early background included working for Shirka Woreda of Arsi zone as head of health center and in charge of OPD and with similar position in other district of the Arsi zone for about 3 years. After joining the NGO, I worked briefly in area of RH/FP and MNCH for about 7 years, as a child health project Coordinator,and Regional MNCH program officer in two USAID funded projects ESHE/USAID and IFHP/USAID, respectively. My four years’ experience within IFHP/USAID who is implementing RH/FP and MNCH implementing activities have been given the opportunity to interact closely with RH/FP implementing colleagues and learn more. Through my work at the IFHP/USAID and liaison between RH/FP partners and previous experiences in area of RH/FP, I have gained an in-depth perspective on RH/FP key interventions and a broader understanding of the dynamics between these two important programmes.

Besides, my research on maternal health for my post graduate study in public health gave me an opportunity to review different RH/FP articles which pave a way to identify many bottle necks to access SRH services by needy segments of the population ,particularly in developing countries. All these have strengthened my passion for this field where, I started to apply to your esteemed organization to learn more on area of RH/FP.