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Laura Francesca Rienzi

Laura Francesca Rienzi
Laura Francesca Rienzi, BSc, MSc, Senior Clinical Embryologist
Adjunct Professor of Human Histology at the University of Rome (Tor Vergata)
Laboratory Director of the GENERA Centres for Reproductive Medicine (Italy)

Graduated “magna cum laude” in 1993 at the University of Rome. II Level Master at the University of Padova. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Embryology at the University of Perugia for 4 years. Certified as Senior Clinical Embryologist by the ESHRE Society. Currently, Adjunct Professor of Human Histology at the University of Rome (Tor Vergata). Faculty Adviser for PhD and Bachelor students at various Italian Universities.

Her clinical activity as embryologist started in Paris in 1994 as a research fellow at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Hôpital Necker. She has been Laboratory Director of the IVF Centre at the European Hospital of Rome for more than 10 years. Since 2008, Laboratory Director of the GENERA centres for Reproductive Medicine in Italy (Rome, Umbertide, Marostica).

Author and co-author of about 100 original research papers, reviews and book chapters on laboratory aspects of ART. She has been in the Editorial Board of Human Reproduction, Focus on Reproduction, and the Italian Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2PN, currently in the Editorial Board of RBM online.

Ten most recent publications

  • Rienzi L, Balaban B, Ebner T, Mandelbaum J. The oocyte. Hum Reprod. 2012; 27 Suppl1:I 2-21.
  • Rienzi L, Cobo A, Paffoni A, Scarduelli C, Capalbo A, Vajta G, Remohí J, Ragni G, Ubaldi FM. Consistent and predictable delivery rates after oocyte vitrification: an observational longitudinal cohort multicentric study. Hum Reprod. 2012; 27(6): 1606-12.
  • Rienzi L, Vajta G, Ubaldi F. New culture devices in ART. Placenta. 2011; 32 Suppl 3:S248-51.
  • Rienzi L, Vajta G, Ubaldi F. Predictive value of oocyte morphology in human IVF: a systematic review of the literature. Hum Reprod Update 2011; 17(1):34-45.
  • Ubaldi F, Anniballo R, Romano S, Baroni E, Albricci L, Colamaria S, Capalbo A, Sapienza F, Vajta G, Rienzi L. Cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate achieved with oocyte vitrification and cleavage stage transfer without embryo selection in a standard infertility program. Hum Reprod. 2010; May;25(5):1199-205.
  • Rienzi L, Romano S, Albricci L, Maggiulli R, Capalbo A, Baroni E, Colamaria S, Sapienza F, Ubaldi F. Embryo development of fresh versus vitrified metaphase II oocytes after ICSI: a prospective randomized sibling-oocyte study. Hum Reprod 2010; 25:66-73.
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  • Ciriminna R, Papale ML, Artini PG, Costa M, De Santis L, Gandini L, Parmegiani L, Ragni G, Revelli A, and Rienzi L; on behalf of the Italian Society of Embriology, Reproduction and Research (SIERR). Impact of Italian legislation regulating assisted reproduction techniques on ICSI outcomes in severe male factor infertility: a multicentric survey. Human Reproduction. 2007;22(9):2481-7.