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The series of scientific lectures, Gaza City, Palestine

Suha Baloushah - Midwife, Gaza, Palestine


The series of scientific lectures, Gaza City, Palestine - Suha Baloushah

Under the supervision of nursing management of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, The Department of Continuing Education for Complex Nursing and in cooperation with the Department of Nursing of the Complex Women and Obstetrics Hospital held two scientific lectures from the series of scientific lectures prepared for the Maternity Hospital entitled (Quality Intrapartum Care). The first lecture of the day was titled "Helping babies breathe after birth".

The lecturer Professor Suheir Suleiman delivered Omar Al-Shawa Lecture Hall in the Maternity Complex, where the lecture discussed the definition of the topic, the aim of training the medical teams training on the subject, the importance of training, the preparation of medical equipment necessary for the operation of breathing, improving neonatal outcomes, nursing care, and how to use the golden minutes to help the baby breathe and prevent complications. And how to assess children who need CPR, demonstration videos were shown on the topic, and at the end of the lecture practical training was given to all trainees.

The other lecture was titled "Obstetric anal sphincter injuries".

The lecture was given by Professor Lily Ahmed where she explained the definition of topics, classifications, types, causes, degrees of ripping, factors helping to occur ripping, ways to repair ripping, tools used for the repair process, complications, and at the end of the lecture a practical application was made for all trainees.

These lectures aim to improve and develop the nursing staff and midwives working within Al-Shifa Medical Complex.