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Public discussion of "Impact of oil on the social health of species inhabiting in areas near oil fields" by the Center for Women's Studies at Aden University, Yemen

Ishraq Al-Subaee, Ministry of Public Health and Population, Aden, Yemen


Public discussion of Impact of oil on the social health of species inhabiting in areas near oil fields by the Center for Women's Studies at Aden University, Yemen - Ishraq Al-Subaee

This Wednesday morning, in the hall of the Center for Women's Studies at Aden University, the public discussion of the message of Master researcher Ishraq Ahmed Rabie Al-Sabaie took place in an exceptional scientific atmosphere and serious interactive discussion. Where the research paper titled "B" Impact of oil on the social health of species inhabiting in areas near oil fields (Shabwa Anmodja), reviewed the risks and consequences of oil exploration and extraction procedures in some fields without taking action by concerned companies and institutions. As a precautionary measure to prevent leakage process and its catastrophic reflections, both in terms of environmental safety Or human health which is being kept silent about despite the size of the shocking negative indicators.

Al-Jadeer mentioned that the discussion committee may have consisted of Dr. Mohamed bin Mohammed Al-Shuaibi, President and External Debator (Taiz University), Professor Dr. Asma Ahmed Al-Rimi, a member and an internal debater (Aden University), Dr. Nada Al-Sayed Hassan, a member and a scientific supervisor (Aden University).

The discussion committee praised the efforts of the desk and cognitive researcher in analyzing and evaluating previous studies in nearby fields, as well as her field descent technique and quantitative statistical analysis in a comprehensive study that took the theoretical and practical dimension at the same pace in light of the complexity of the circumstances. For the environment and the threats of the security situation.

The researcher has concluded from this study the reality of the increasing spread of respiratory diseases and allergies as a result of increased gases from oil exploration, as well as the population of digestive diseases due to contamination of drinking water and cases of sexual deformities and brain strokes and Infertility and other diseases such as diabetes, pressure, kidney symptoms and others.

The researcher has stopped health problems at the population gatherings in this geographical region and called for the need to gradually move people away from oil fields, the importance of periodic health examination of oil field workers and to spread environmental and health awareness.

These topical discussions were crowned by Neil, the researcher, a master's degree in women's studies and development, with an excellent rating

The discussion was attended by Dr. Abdullah Dakhan.. Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Adel Abdul Majeed, Deputy President of the University of Affairs and Deputy Mosleh Al-Tawali, Head of the Technical Office of the Minister of Health and the Academy. D. Huda Basleem, Assistant Vice President of the University for Academic Affairs, Dr. Saeed Faraj, Director General of Higher Studies, and I participated in

Attending the scientific session with Dr. Huda Ali Alawi, manager. Center for women's studies at Aden University, Wad. Raja Musaad, the director of Aden Hospital, and a large number of the Ministry of Health leadership, the family and friends of the researcher

Speechless referring to ND Ishraq Al-Sabaie is one of the most prominent female leaders. The leader in our country and she is an assistant agent for population affairs in the Ministry of Health.