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Workshop on review of minimum health services package, Aden, Yemen

Ishraq Al-Subaee, Ministry of Public Health and Population, Aden, Yemen


Workshop on review of minimum health services package, Aden, Yemen - Ishraq Al-Subaee

The workshop on review of basic health services MSP organized by the Ministry of Health with the support of the World Health Organization and the International Bank has been held in the temporary capital, Aden.

The workshop, which comes within the framework of the Human Capital Project, is participated by sixty-five participants from a number of health sectors and related international organizations, will stand for three days in front of a number of centers, including evaluating the health situation in terms of the application of the minimum health services package and the burden on health centers at Yemen. In addition to basic laboratory services at different levels of services, level of care, hygiene requirements, quality of basic services and medicines at different levels of healthcare and demographic indicators of positive health. The participants also deal with a group of health programs including infectious diseases, nutrition, child, maternal, child, maternity, mental health, health and the environment.

In the opening of the workshop, the agent of the Ministry of Health for the primary health care sector, Dr. Ali Ahmed Al-Waleidi, participated in the necessity of working in the spirit of the one team to go out with a positive plan to support the programs of minimal services in the health sector. Due to the current epidemiological situation in the country, the process and measures taken by the Ministry of Health and support from its partners to face the emergence of some epidemics and make the necessary plans to address them.

Other words to the Director General of the General Administration of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdul Raqib Mahrez and the Regional Director of the World Health Organization of our country, Dr. Adham Rashad Ismail, discussed the current health situation and the sentence of measures and measures taken to meet the challenges and preparing plans that affect health reality and improve its quality. They are pointing to the need to study the main causes of diseases in Yemen and start making adequate plans to meet them. We are leading to the necessity of optimal utilization of available resources, setting priorities and starting towards the implementation of the health sector reform strategy.

This includes the basic ingredients for a basic health services package that includes nine essential services are maternal, newborn, childhood, immunization, nutrition, infectious diseases, non-infectious, emergency health services, minor surgeries, health education, mental health, disability and so on This is the qualification.

The opening of the workshop, the agent of the Ministry of Health for the medical sector, Dr. Shawqi Al-Sharjbi, and the assistant agent for the population sector, Dr. Ishraq Al-Sabai, and the quality coordinator of the World Health Organization, Dr. Qahtan Al-Shaabi, and a number of specialists.