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Adolescent sexual and reproductive health - Course files

Contraception counselling and provision

Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

Training course in adolescent sexual and reproductive health 2019

September 16, 2019 - Geneva

Contraception counselling and provision - Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

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Chandra-Mouli V. Contraception counselling and provision. Paper presented at: Training course in adolescent sexual and reproductive health; 2019 Sep 16; Geneva.


Reference document


Question 1

What are the differences between Ghana and Niger in terms of age of first sex and age of marriage? What are the implications of this? (4 marks)

Clue: Study slide 8 in the slide set titled: FP2020: Understanding data on adolescents and youth.

Question 2

Identify two challenges of gathering information on sexual activity in unmarried adolescents? (4 marks)

Clue: Study slide 13 in the slide set titled: FP2020: Understanding data on adolescents and youth.

Question 3

A health professional can prescribe/dispense the same contraceptive methods to adolescents as in adults.

  • True
  • False
  • Unsure

Explain your answer. (4 marks)

Clue: Study item 3.3.3 in page 13 of the reference document titled: WHO recommendations on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Question 4

A young woman in a rural North Indian community is able to obtain contraceptives free of charge from a government clinic in her community, but is unwilling to use it. Identify 3 possible reasons for this. (6 marks)

Clue: Study the section titled: Why are adolescents still unable to obtain and use contraceptives? in the journal paper: A never-before opportunity to strengthen investment and action on adolescent contraception, and what we must do to make full use of it (page 3).

Question 5

In the above journal paper read over again the section titled: Implement strategies with fidelity and careful monitoring through functional systems and with the participation of civil society groups (including networks of youth organizations) (pages 6-7). There is a report of an evaluation of the Health Policy Project in Guatemala, Malawi and Nepal. Name three actions you would take if you were the national reproductive health programme manager in Malawi. (6 marks)

Best assignments of week 2: Contraception counselling and provision

Congratulations to the following participants whose assignments have been chosen as the best assignment of week 2 by their coaches. Click on the participant’s name to read the assignment.

Alinikisa Mphongolo, Plan International Malawi

Coach’s comment

"Responses to the questions, opinions and ideas were discussed in his own words and in logical orders. Showed effort to refer other reference materials to make his discussion evidence-based." Melaku Samuel Hottessa, GFMER course tutor

Janie Shen, Plan International, Stockholm, Sweden

Coach’s comment

"The participant demonstrated an excellent understanding of the content of this module. Though her explanation on question no 3 could be better, in general she showed sound reasoning and good application of the knowledge from the module in her answers." Raqibat Idris, GFMER course coordinator and tutor

Nefertari Boles, Young Scholars of Egypt, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Coach’s comment

"Life has become a race where everyone wants to or is desperate to win. Winning is a great thing and admirable, but understand that every time winning is not everything. Participation is also very important. We would like to congratulate the ‘Best assignment for this week’, by Nefertari Boles, simultaneously, acknowledge the good job of all our participants in this group. Well done Nefertari and the group." Khadija Ahmed Matrook, GFMER country coordinator and course tutor

Sahil Chopra, Jhpiego, New Delhi, India

Coach’s comment

"I would like to nominate again Mr. Sahil Chopra as the best participant for the second week of the course." Lela Shengelia, GFMER country coordinator and course tutor

Shirley Eng, FHI 360, Maputo, Mozambique

Coach’s comment

"The participant has thus consistently shown an ability to understand in detail questions asked. Also responses given show a literature search is conducted and used to reinforce answers given." Aishatu Abubakar-Sadiq, GFMER country coordinator and course tutor

Zoe Leach, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Coach’s comment

"Your understanding about the key concepts of the course, concise and correct answering of the questions, and data analysing skills with related public health implications are highly appreciated." Ashim Roy, GFMER country coordinator and course tutor