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Nana Abuelsoud

Ikhtyar for Gender Studies and Research, Cairo, Egypt

Nana Abuelsoud

Nana Abuelsoud, BA
SRHR Advocacy Officer, Ikhtyar for Gender Studies and Research, Egypt

Studying languages through my university years, I grew fond of understanding structures, their coherence, limitation and pitfalls. This inquisitiveness grew beyond linguistic theories; and articulated my passion for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). I decided to focus in my SRHR work on evidence-based advocacy. In my project Mawanie (Preventives) funded by the World Contraception Day Ambassador (WCDA) project, I initiated a pilot study navigating young women’s access to emergency contraception (EC) and the extent to which pharmacists’ attitudes regulated that access.

Following my SRHR field work, I embarked on research to highlight and navigate sexual and reproductive struggles. I have nurtured my passion for SRHR work through the digital university I attended, administered by Women Deliver. In parallel with receiving the WCDA seed grant, I was accepted into a two-year Engaged Transformative Research Fellowship run by the Arab Families Working Group (AFWG), a partnership between the American University in Cairo and University of California in Davis. The AFWG committee selected my research project- tackling emergency contraception accessibility in Cairo for young women- to receive a seed grant to build on recommendations and findings of WCDA pilot study.