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Mulaw Tewelde Gebrekidan

Emory University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mulaw Tewelde Gebrekidan

Mulaw Tewelde Gebrekidan, BSc in Public Health, MPH
Integrated Community Based Childhood Illness Management/Integrated Management of Newborn and Childhood Illness, Community Based Newborn Care Project Coordinator, Emory University, Ethiopia
Société coopérative médicale de Beaulieu scholarship

I was born on the 22nd of October 1984. I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Haramaya University in 2006, and I obtained Master of public health degree from University of Gondar both in Ethiopia. In my undergraduate studies, I studied both clinical and public health courses for four years. The two years courses in my postgraduate school were similar with public health courses I took during my undergraduate studies; but with advanced scope and with emphasis on public health policy aspects and research methods.

I have served my community hired in public health facilities, private clinics and non-governmental organizations for more than ten years. I have been working in different positions: as service provider clinician in private clinics, health center and hospital; and as medical director of a hospital and head of a health center. When I was working in health center and hospital, I cascaded sexual and reproductive health trainings for health workers and reproductive health clubs after receiving training of trainers from Ministry of health; I significantly contributed my effort to give BEmoNC, PMTCT and other MCH services in a better condition and to upgrade the health center to hospital. I have also worked as IDSR, IMNCI and TB focal person; and OPD clinician.

In addition, I have worked as mentor and coordinator in developmental non-governmental organizations for more than seven years. I had a significant contribution to transform the former traditional way of Afar state's health sector M&E system to evidence based practice through implementing reformed HMIS/M&E and system strengthening and ownership creation. I have developed huge experience on data analysis and presentation especially on the area of FP/MNCH, management (planning, implementation, M&E, budget handling) skills. I was organizing trainings; and leading teams during planning sessions, integrated supportive supervision and evaluation. I used to develop and appraise project proposals, monitor performance and evaluate activities and programs in health care environment. I was also involved in surveys and operational researches such as: HSDP-III mid-term evaluation, RDQA and system strength assessment, and iCCM/CBNC baseline assessment.