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Faduma Jama Yusuf

Family Health Department, Ministry of Health, Hargeisa, Somalia

Faduma Jama Yusuf

Faduma Jama Yusuf, MBBS
Deputy Director/RH Adviser, Family Health Department, Ministry of Health, Somalia
General Practitioner, Hargeisa Group Hospital, Somalia

I was born in early nineties, am highly-motivated Doctor who graduated from International university of Africa / Sudan 2014 (MBBS). I had my internship in different hospitals in Sudan. I was lucky enough to have extra time in clinical attachment in OBS/GYN. My vision as an upcoming ambitious doctor is to increase the health values and that is through promoting health care awareness and health education programs. Because I believe that is the key solution for our health issues and medical problems, always prevention is better than cure. Am a healthcare professional and trainer/facilitator with professional trainer qualified certificate from CATD and IHARD, project leadership, skilled and thorough researcher eager to dive into, grasp, and synthesize project scope and immediately become knowledgeable advocate, creator, and facilitator of targeted project goals. I am back to my home land since May 2016 with high energy and motivation to make a difference because I believe that no women deserve to die while giving birth to life and best place to start from was Ministry of health as deputy director of family health department and reproductive health adviser while still practicing as clinician in the government hospital. I have also obtained my role as a professional trainer / instructor to build the capacity of health professionals in my country and was honoured to establish first medical / health professional continuous training centre in Somalia named Smart Vision Centre to build and train the health professionals skills and increases and update their knowledge.