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Aida Bayou

management4health, Malawi

Aida Bayou

Aida Bayou, MD, MPH, Certified EFQM
Team Leader of PHC/SRHR, Senior Project Manager, management4health, Malawi

I was born in Harar, in Ethiopia. I finished my Medical Studies in Gondar Medical Sciences, Addis Ababa University and worked as a Clinician/General Practitioner in Medical Centers in Addis Ababa and District Hospitals in Northeastern parts of Ethiopia (Afar Region). I completed my ‘Masters Degree’ in Public Health in Innsbruck University, School of Social Medicine. Coming back to Ethiopia, I went to Afar region to write my Thesis Paper on the Socio-Cultural practices and its effects on Sexual Reproductive Health of Afar nomadic women. Building on my experience as a clinician I continued my work as Technical Advisor/Trainer on MoH/GIZ-SRH programmes working in Amhara and Tigray Regions. My work on SRH continued for the next 15 years leading the design, implementation and evaluation of projects in South Asia and Africa under contract for various organizations financed by KfW, GIZ, and the World Bank. My specific professional expertise is in the area of Maternal Health and Child Survival Programmes and HIV, having worked for instance as MCH Technical Advisor long term in Ethiopia and worked as intermittent expert on Maternal, Child survival and Reproductive health programs in several countries (Nepal, Kenya, Cambodia, Yemen, Nigeria) and on demand side financing projects in Kenya and Cambodia. I have carried out several short-term assignments for the World Bank, Kfw, EU, GIZ, and the Global Fund. I joined m4h in July 2014 as Senior SRHR Advisor and Partner.