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Jean Kalibushi Bizimana

Butare University Teaching Hospital

Jean Kalibushi Bizimana

Jean Kalibushi Bizimana, MD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Scientific Committee President, Maternity at Butare University Teaching Hospital (BUTH)
Facilitator in Health Technology Management at BUTH

I am Dr Jean Kalibushi Bizimana MD. I did my primary school at Kolwezi, secondary school at Minor seminary of Kanzenze and University of Lubumbashi where I did medical undergraduate study and those studies were done in RD Congo but medical postgraduate study was done at National University of Rwanda. Currently I am working as Gynecologist and Obstetrician in BUTH and we are doing a research with Pr Kakoma on Cervical cancer screening.

Publications in journals

  • Kakoma JB, Gakwaku A, Kalibushi BJ, Ramazani K. Pelvis and anthropometric study in Rwandan women at prenatal care setting in the southern province of Rwanda (Huye District). Rwanda Medical Journal. 2010;69(1):13-25.