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Zewdu Dememew

Johns Hopkins University-Technical Support for the Ethiopian HIV AIDS Initiative, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Zewdu Dememew

Zewdu Dememew, MD, MPH
Lead TB/HIV Adviser in Johns Hopkins University - Tsehai Project in Ethiopia Working on Integration of Reproductive Health in ART and TB/HIV Activities

I am a physician (MD) in Ethiopia with a total of eight years experience in both clinical and public health. First three years I have worked as a clinician in a rural hospital where obstetric and gynecologic problems of women were very rampant. This was the reason I spent much of my time dealing with obstetric and gynecologic care of women. In the present I am finalizing my MPH at UNISA of South Africa.

I have been working at PEPFAR funded CDC-Ethiopia implementing partner called JHU-TSEHAI (JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY-TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR ETHIOPIAN HIV/AIDS ART INITIATIVE) for two years as Clinical Adviser (Coach and Mentor) and after that for two years as TB/HIV and ART Adviser. Since last year I am working there as Lead TB/HIV adviser.

My area of interest besides dealing with HIV during my mentoring/couching, is the Sexual and Reproductive Health of people, especially of women Living with HIV and affected by TB. I want to know how HIV and/or TB affect the fertility of women and men. That is why my thesis was entitled Fertility Desire and Intention among PLHIV in Ethiopia. Moreover I have already produced another HIV and SRH related protocol for GFMER on Unintended Pregnancy and use of FP in Ethiopia. In the future I wish to research the fertility and infertility trends and associated factors like HIV/TB co-infection. I would like to do a cohort study in these area as PHD program or a project.