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GFMER Global Consultation on WHO Infertility Guidelines:
Addressing evidence-based guidance on infertility diagnosis, management and treatment

Course components

Dear participant,

With the festive season already behind us, we would like to wish you, on behalf of the Coordinators and the GFMER team, a very successful, healthy and safe 2013.

First of all, congratulations to those of you who may have completed one or more of the modules for the on-line course components of this Global Consultation. This course has been designed to be multi-leveled. In order to keep you motivated, we have offered mini-certificates following sets of on-line module learning, in order to recognize the completion of the background work required, so that you and your fellow course participants are harmonized in your understanding of the topic of evidence-based medicine and infertility based medicine.

However, we would also like to have some direct communication with you, provide you with opportunities to take part in virtual consultations with the course coordinators, and have the potential to come to a face-to-face WHO consultation and/or to take part in a course to address research gaps in infertility and at WHO in Geneva.

This is a point at which your WHO Evidence Based Medicine and ASRM Infertility course will be particularly helpful reviewing the benefit of recommendations including the likely magnitude of effect and cost benefit analysis – both of which will have a major impact on the likelihood of recommendations being adopted widely. The Expert Working Groups have provided key PICO questions (PICO = Population Intervention Comparator Outcome) for the area of infertility diagnosis and management for which you have been assigned. The course work you have completed on line, should assist you in anticipating the likely interventions which will help to answer these PICO questions.

The COMPLETE GFMER-WHO Global Consultation on WHO Infertility Guidelines: Addressing evidence-based guidance on infertility diagnosis, management and treatment, has been divided into six (6) components.

Part 1: WHO Evidence-based Medicine Course (5 modules).

Part 2: The ASRM Infertility Course (16 modules).

Part 3. Three Opinion Paper Submissions (3 of the submitted Opinion Papers will be required to pass an assessment by the course coordinators, to officially complete the course.)

However, if you are interested in greater visibility for, greater feedback on and publication of your work:

Part 4. If selected, you will be invited to virtual consultations with the Course Coordinators (and in some cases the EWG Chairs) – for discussions and revisions of your Opinion Paper(s) which will be selected for publication in association with the WHO Infertility Guidelines.

Part 5. If selected, based upon quality of the Opinion Papers submitted (either selected for publication or not) an invitation will be extended to you to attend and participate in a face-to-face WHO Global Consensus Consultation deliberating on the generation of global Infertility Guidelines with a certificate of attendance.

Part 6. If an ANNEX 2 (a Concept Note for Research) to your Opinion paper is submitted, and if selected, an invitation will be extended to you to attend a WHO-GFMER face-to-face 7-10 day course (with a certificate of attendance) at WHO, in order to address research gaps in infertility, and to assist with the development of your research proposal.

We look forward to your Opinion Papers and Annex 1 and 2, submissions.

The course coordinators.