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Mohammed Al-Bagir Al-Tayyeb

Centro Universitario per la Cooperazione Internazionale, University of Parma, Italy

Mohammed Al-Bagir Al-Tayyeb

Mohammed Al-Bagir Al-Tayyeb, MD, General Practitioner
Master Scholar on International Health and Medicine for Cooperation with Developing Countries, Parma, Italy
Member of Youth In Action (YIA) for Reproductive Health and against FGM

Mohammed Al-Bagir was born and raised in United Arab Emirates. He graduated from University of Kordofan in Sudan in 2010. Since his undergraduate studies he was involved in many different aspects of reproductive health issues. In 2008 he was the national coordinator of Anti-FGM campaign that was part of Medical Students’ International Network – Sudan (MedSIN-Sudan), which is an active member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA).

In 2012, Mohammed attended an international summer school in Community medicine in Oslo where he got the diploma in “International Community Health, Accessibility, Equity and Human rights”. Immediately after coming back from Oslo, Mohammed joined the Unicef Sudan Country office as a national consultant with the Communication for Development. His main tasks were to work closely with different Unicef departments and field offices so as to generate Information, Education and Communication materials. He continued consulting for the Unicef as well as other smaller national NGO in Sudan for about 2 years.

In early 2014 Mohammed was an emergency medical director of one of the busiest private hospitals in Khartoum and then he became the acting general medical director of the same hospital.

In November of 2014, Mohammed started his Master in International Health and Medicine for Cooperation with Developing Countries in University of Parma, Italy.