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Abdul Baseer

Swedish Comittee for Afghanistan, Mehterlam, Laghman, Afghanistan

Abdul Baseer

Abdul Baseer, MD
Deputy Project Manager, Swedish Comittee for Afghanistan, Mehterlam, Laghman, Afghanistan

My name is Abdul Baseer son of Sardar Khan. I am from Nanagarhar province of Afghanistan. I completed my primary and secondary education in Peshawar, Pakistan while I was living there during Russian attack on Afghanistan. I have completed my medical studies in Nangarhar medical College Afghanistan. Soon after completion of my MD degree, I attended a Basic operative surgical skill training and became a Master trainer of basic surgery and replicated the training in four public health hospitals of Afghanistan; the project was closed due to lack of fund so I joined AHTP (Afghan Help and Training Program) one of local Afghan NGOs which was partner of IMC/BPRM, an international American NGO which was working in primary health care and reproductive health. I worked with AHTP in the position of health officer and liaison director for almost four years, then I joined AMI (Aide Medical International) a French NGO in Afghanistan as a health supervisor/Hospital supervisor. Beside this I had the responsibility of Nutrition program implementation in Laghman. Soon after I was promoted to field medical coordinator with AMI, in fact AMI was implementing BPHS program (Basic Package of Health Services) which includes seven basic components of health:

  1. Mother and child health
  2. Child health and immunization
  3. Communicable disease control
  4. Mental health
  5. Disability
  6. Nutrition
  7. Supply of essential drugs

After working two years with AMI, the BPHS project was handed over to SCA (Swedish Committee for Afghanistan) and I was recruited and selected as a Deputy project Manager of BPHS project with SCA. I have been working with SCA since November 2009 and I am mostly handling the technical issues.

It is important to mention that while I was working with AMI I joined Preston University in Peshawar Pakistan for my post graduation and I have completed executive MBA in health Management. I was attending the weekend classes and at the same time I was working with AMI. Fortunately I passed and completed my MBA with 3.9 GPA.