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Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2011 - List of participants - GFMER members pages

Ayat Abuagla

National Human Resources for Health Observatory, Khartoum, Sudan

Ayat Abuagla

Ayat Abuagla, MD
Director of the Research & Publication Section at the National Human Resources for Health Observatory-Sudan (NHRHO)
Research Fellow at the Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Sudan

Reproductive health is one of the areas I share great interest in as well as experience.  As a female doctor I am very passionate about issues related to sexual and reproductive health. After years of practice in my country Sudan I have come to a better understanding of the unfortunate situations of the women there.

As the world is four years away from achieving the millennium development goals [MDG] countries of the developing world have a long way to walk. The MDG 5 improve maternal health is a challenge facing the globe , especially in least developed parts.

We recognised the problem as the world did but decided not to stand helpless but to challenge ourselves, to stand strong and to fight for the basic human right of health, for a safe and healthy pregnancy, for the right to deliver a healthy baby and ensure its mother’s life. I am one of the founders of Rebuilding Reproductive and Child Health system in post conflict settings Initiative [ReReCHI].

Through this initiative it is hoped that reproductive and child health system, policy and services in post conflict setting will be better informed in order to improve policy making and program development and that we will be closer to attaining the health related MDG.

I have conducted as well as supervised several researches in the field of reproductive health, using innovative measures as participatory ethnographic evaluation and research [PEER] and critical incident technique [CIT] and others. I would like to explore more innovative ways of research and to benefit myself as well as my students. I am a research fellow at the Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit [RCRU] at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology [UMST]. As a lecturer of research methodology for research methodology diploma as well as family medicine diploma I believe I need more skills in order to identify and research in priority issues in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

By being part of this prestigious course of research methodology on sexual and reproductive health I shall gain knowledge, skills and competencies in the field. I shall be able to benefit myself, colleagues and students. I consider this as an opportunity to improve my capacity as a professional and generating new evidence.